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Kate Webb Ragsdale Author Series

The Kate Webb Ragsdale Author Series Fund was established 2014 in remembrance of the late librarian and treasurer of the Friends of the Library group. Kate Webb Ragsdale began her career in the 1980s at the Human Resources Institute in the College of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of Alabama. She earned her Master of Library Science at the University. Webb Ragsdale became the Libraries’ Planning Officer and later an associate professor. In 2004, she received the Library Leadership Award for faculty.  In 2012, the University’s school of Library and Information Studies awarded Webb Ragsdale the Distinguished Alumni Award. She served on the Friends of the Library Board for several years, up until her passing.

Our Goal

Through the Kate Webb Ragsdale Author Series, Friends, Board, and Staff of the Tuscaloosa Public Library seek to honor Kate by bringing people and books together to inspire thoughtful conversations.

How You Can Help

The Friends of Tuscaloosa Public Library, along with family, and other friends, donated the startup funds for the Author Series.  Your support will allow it to continue.