TPL General Fund

$ 500000

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TPL General Fund

The Tuscaloosa Public Library is one of the most valuable cornerstones of our community. A community with a thriving public library is a community with higher literacy, more opportunities for connection and education, a place to explore and innovate with fellow community members, and improved access to information for all community members, regardless of age, income level, ethnicity, or physical ability.

Our Goal

Every visit to TPL makes us more informed, more entertained, more educated, and more inspired – over 581,048 visits this year. Libraries are changing fast, but a library card is still the most valuable thing in our wallets – help us keep TPL on the leading edge of connecting us to the information and programs we need so much!

Promoting Literacy

Whether it’s children’s story time, teen tech labs, the latest best sellers, summer reading programs, online borrowing, training through, or Wi-Fi hotspot checkout, TPL adds immeasurable value to our lives. Our library branches serve our citizens throughout their lives, from just learning to read through supporting the wisdom and connections that come with a healthy retirement.

How You Can Help

When you give, you become the reason that our library will continue to be here for everyone, supporting the effort to sustain the high-quality community we all enjoy. Thank you so very much for your continued support!